You will receive access to leading industry research that delivers timely analysis on economic and market trends and delivers a professional and informed approach to portfolio management. You can also access a range of model portfolios specifically tailored to meet your clients risk analysis needs.

In partnership with our parent company, IOOF, our highly experienced and qualified technical team will provide you with the resources and knowledge you need to implement new technical strategies or to simply keep your financial industry knowledge up-to-date through seminars, webinars, email updates and strategy material. The online IOOF Fast Fact Finder provides you with instant access via your smart phone, tablet or computer to current industry facts, rates and thresholds.

The IOOF TechConnect team provides you with access to:

Email updates – the TechConnect team constantly review legislation and provide Government announcements and reports and develop technical content that is delivered by email straight to your inbox as either tech alerts or in our monthly technical bulletin.

Interactive learning – a range of online sessions and seminars provide updates on current issues, trends and new developments.

Strategy campaigns and tools – a range of technical campaigns about the latest financial strategies are available online through the IOOF Fast Fact Finder.

Phone support – direct access to one of the highly qualified technical experts.

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