Lonsdale has worked with Accounting/Financial Planning businesses over the past 30 years and we know from experience that when structured well, an integrated approach can be very successful for all stakeholders. With recent changes within the advice profession, we truly believe integrated advice businesses are the way of the future.

Our experienced team will work with you to help you grow a successful integrated advice business. Through our ‘Catalyst for Integration” Program, we partner with you to progress your business along a continuum to achieve a state of alignment between each area of your business. We do this by ensuring your business model continues to evolve and converge into one integrated advisory firm with the ability to identify, analyse and fulfil a client’s entire business and personal financial needs.

This convergence program will equip you with the right tools, resources and methods to help you identify, analyse and fulfil a client’s full business and personal financial needs. Your dedicated Regional Business Manager will work with you to identify an individual and tailored program that will help you re-evaluate your business objectives and set you up for full integration and future long-term success.

Our qualified Regional Business Managers have years of experience working with accounting and financial planning firms and have seen first-hand how successful a fully integrated business can be.

We can