Lonsdale is active in the community and partners with a number of charities to help support causes that are important to our adviser community. 

Mental Health

Let's Talk.

Our focus for the next 2 years is helping to break the stigma around Mental Health. As a result, Lonsdale has partnered with the Let's talk Foundation to help break the cycle around mental health. Lonsdale is donating $20,000 per years for the next 2 years towards supporting the valuable community programs that let's Talk runs to help create awareness around mental issues and encouraging people to seek the help they may need.


Hope Village

Lonsdale is a proud support of Hope Village that helps raise funds for children in Indonesia. The Lonsdale Community recently raised over $16,000 to purchase 30 new computers to help these children with their schooling in the classroom. Changing lives. Impacting generations.

Love your sister

Lonsdale is also a proud supporter of Love Your Sister

'Love Your Sister' is a million-strong village of everyday Aussies committed to vanquishing all cancers with hard science.

It started with an insane dare. Co-Founder Connie Johnson dared her younger brother, actor Samuel Johnson to unicycle around the country in the face of her terminal diagnosis with breast cancer. Their aim? To remind every mum in the land to check their boobs.

Women in Financial Planning

Stay tuned for more news around a new initiative we will be launching in mid 2020 to support women in the Financial Planning industry, including mentor/mentee programs, career development and counselling as well as networking.

Arts & Cultural

Lonsdale is a proud supporter of the Girls from Oz (Arts & Cultural) and has entered into a 2 year partnership to help support them.

Through engagement in performing arts, girls who participate in g-oz programs learn new skills, but the most important outcomes are those delivered through the ’hidden curriculum’; improved confidence, self esteem and communication skills. Although g-oz uses the performing arts as a way to engage and inspire participants, it is fair to say that the anticipated outcome of their programs is not necessarily to produce world class vocalists. Rather they know that performing arts programs are an effective way to encourage participants to take risks and get involved - and we know that the positive flow on effects of this are far reaching.

  • Aboriginal students in Australia have lower school attendance, retention and achievement than their non-Aboriginal peers across all age groups.
  • The challenges faced by young people living in communities such as Lockhart River, Carnarvon and Halls Creek are real and significant - concerns such as high unemployment, isolation and mental health issues.
  • While Indigenous girls are 8% more likely to complete Year 12 than their male counterparts, their Year 12 completion rate is still around 26% lower than the Australian average.

Our Support: Lockhart River Engagement Program

Girls from Oz (g-oz) currently provides programs in three communities; Halls Creek and Carnarvon, Western Australia and Lockhart River, Far North Queensland.

With support from the IOOF Foundation and Lonsdale, they have committed to covering the program cost for two calendar years (2018 and 2019) of performing arts program delivery in Lockhart River, remote Far North Queensland. This includes the direct costs of 8 week long visits to the Lockhart River community along with the travel and other expenses incurred during the week-long Travel Program where selected Lockhart River students visit an Australian capital city. The Travel Program is a key aspirational component of the program, whereby girls who have demonstrated strong engagement in the g-oz school program along with regular attendance and good behaviour are invited to visit an Australian capital city for a week-long tour. The tour itinerary provides opportunities for the girls to broaden their horizons by participating in urban educational and performing arts activities, and highlighting pathways to further education and employment that exist outside of Lockhart River.

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